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ОШЕСТВО С ОГРАНИЧЕННОЙ ОТВЕТСТВЕННОСТЬЮ «АЛЬФАТЕЛ ПЛЮС»            ИНН 1901066023   КПП190101001   ОГРН 1051901004440    БИК 049514745     НАИМЕНОВАНИЕ БАНКА ООО «Хакасский муниципальный банк»                         Р/CЧЕТ 40702810500010107972  КОРР.СЧЕТ 30101810900000000745       Лицензия на Телематические услуги связи No,,,,

655017, РОССИЯ, РЕСПУБЛИКА ХАКАСИЯ, Г, АБАКАН, УЛ, СОВЕТСКАЯ, 48, www.alfatelplus.ru,  e-mail: manager@alfatelplus.ru


The operator of communication of LLC Alfatel plus Does not render hosting services, does not provide any equipment for hosting and is not a hosting provider.                                

LLC Alfatel plus Is not an information intermediary as the company is not the initiator of the transfer of material in the information and telecommunication network, It does not change, does not create and does not store materials in the provision of communication service.

Accordingly, it is not responsible for the violation of intellectual property rights that occurred as a result of this transfer, because it does not provide hosting services.

The company restricts access to Internet sites or other Internet resources, if they are listed according to Federal law «On information, information technologies and information protection» from 27.07.2006 N 149-ФЗ, as well as the decision of the court.

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